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Bursaries... coming soon!!!

I hope you guys you gonna enjoy this site. I cannot huberzudle do something that is not enjoyable to you guys. This website has a flamboiate things that you can enjoy. When surfing this web page it's of paramount important not to parashoot to conclusion that the page is not good. Just be patient and go through the web, then you can comment through "Guest book".

Please view  my profile on the about me link, and you can also check my photos and leave some comments on the guest book. With this webpage I promise that you will enjoy!

Allow me to thank my mom for raising me and acquiring me skills of doing this page. And not forgeting my home boys Demond Manganyi, and Prince Bvuma, Stephen Mathebula, Hleketa Khubayi, Master Nkuna, and Duncan Mathebula. Also not forgeting my friends from University of Johannesburg, Khathu Gelebe, Stevovo, Thando, Clyde, etc and my best friend Cliff Mathye from Mpambo Village. Also allow me to extend my thanks to my Lecturer Louise Van Ray- this is the person who mentored me to this site

I would like to encourage you guys to take education as a first priority in your life, because our former President Nelson Mandela once said "Education is the most weapon to fight porvety". In life you need to apply the protocols that could lead you to something in future.

Thank You!

Vutomi Mbombi

Guys, please remember that education must be the first thing to focus on!

If you are experiencing problems about this page, be kind to leave your comments in the guestbook and you can also give suggestion

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You gonna enjoy the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!